Athlete Advantage is about cultivating high levels of protection, partnerships and empowerment to the collegiate athlete that have never before existed. Uniquely connected and experienced, our team operates with the sole focus on providing business opportunities & education to the athlete while helping corporate clients to maximize the partnership’s value.

We build personal brands that drive life-changing opportunities for our athletes. Through strategic marketing partnerships, the sky is the limit.

Our Commitments To Our Athletes

Personalized Strategy

Designed to maximize your individual market value while minimizing the away from the field distractions.


Protection for you through the creation of your own Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).


Education for the student athlete, corporations and center-of-influences ensuring the best interest of all parties is met.

Post Playing Day Planning

Post playing days planning starts with internships offered through our corporate and financial industry partners.

Community Engagement

Providing community engagement to support the goals of the student-athlete with causes that are important to them.

Voice In Regulations

Having a voice in the regulations through continued communication with the legislators.

Business Consulation

Our experienced team is equipped to evaluate business opportunities and execute our client’s entrepreneurial dreams.

University Consultation

Our team will provide valuable consultation with universities to better understand the new NIL landscape and how to maximize athlete opportunities with businesses while allowing them to stay focused in the classroom and on their sport.

Player Evaluation

Athlete Advantage is made up of decision-makers, experts, and coaches who deliver the right feedback to aid in making the best decisions for our clients.

Agency Selection

Selecting the right agency can make or break a career before it even begins. Athlete Advantage has experience in assisting with that decision and, if necessary, having the tough conversations to ensure the athlete is comfortable and “in the know”.

Interested In Working With One Of Our Athletes?